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 1 do not brush paint, save costs, but also save a lot of oil workers, the key is no paint pollution, not easy to deformation.
2 appearance patterns, smooth lines, bright color, natural texture, texture, solid, with a beautiful visual sense of beauty;
3 full of artistic sense, it is noble and elegant, can play a role in the decoration of the room.
4. And the traditional wood doors with a lot of advantages, moisture-proof, anti moth eaten, no deformation, cracking, sturdy and durable, good thermal insulation properties with doorcase with various types, suitable for different thickness of the wall and convenient installation. The color diversity, personalized design can meet different customer requirements.
5 novel style, full color. Beautiful and generous, rich artistic sense, strong sense of three-dimensional. Surface using color process, applicable to all types of bedroom style, noble and elegant, personalized design, Li Zhen quality of life the perfect deduction;
6 uses the steel plate embossing and wood quality within the reinforced composite, novel style, rich color;
7 the introduction of advanced technology and equipment, unique heat transfer technology, technology research. Plate through chemicals degreasing, rust removing, phosphating, electrostatic spraying, baking, after transfer is natural grainy; realistic appearance, bright color, smooth to the touch, exquisite and durable products;
8 high hardness, good gloss, no deformation, anti-aging, is a high-end luxury products;
9 moth, moisture-proof, antifouling, heat resistance, crack resistance, deformation is not strong, sound insulation effect is good, durable products;
10 non-toxic, tasteless, does not contain formaldehyde, toluene, no radiation pollution, environmental health, is a good green environmental protection products;
The perfect combination of the 11 door frame and the door leaf, easy installation, saving time and labor, material and money saving, belonging to affordable products. 

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